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Bandits Target Belize City Hospital on Sunday Morning

Earlier Sunday morning, police responded to reports of a robbery at the Belize Health Care Partners hospital located on Blue Marlin Drive. The bandits drove an SUV onto the compound through the hospital’s drive-through. Thereafter, the two armed men exited the vehicle and entered the building. The men then proceeded to rob the cashier and the security officer of an undisclosed amount of cash and several cellular phones. The men then drove off in the SUV making good their escape. Sharing more details was Police Public Relations Officer ASP Fitzroy Yearwood, who was asked if this was an inside job.

ACP Fitzroy Yearwood, Director of Communications: “So far the security on duty at Healthcare Partners relayed that he was relieved of his cellphone and his wallet by two armed men that arrived at the hospital in a red in color SUV. The persons then proceeded also to rob the on duty cashier of an undisclosed amount of cash and then they walked out the building into the vehicle that dropped them off and they made good their escape. First of all when you walk into a hospital like that there are clear markings as to where the cashier is located, the receptionist area you wouldn’t have to have no inside information. It’s just people that studied what they wanted to execute and unfortunately as we all know the criminals study what institution and even some of them study the police department when they want to commit a crime of this nature. So for us to go ahead of ourselves and say that they had inside knowledge it’s not here nor there.”