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Bank heist leaves community in shock

At around 9:20 this morning, Scotiabank in Spanish Lookout was robbed at gunpoint. According to police, Belmopan taxi man 62 year old Oscar Cordon was approached by three Hispanic men who had asked him to run taxi for them. He refused and the three men reportedly forced him out of his maroon car and into the trunk. Cordon was taken out of the trunk at an area by Buena Vista junction. He was tied up, shot to the left hand and left there. The three men then drove to Scotiabank in Spanish Lookout where they held up the assistant manager and made off with an undisclosed amount of money. The men were wearing masks. One was armed with a shot gun while the other two had handguns. This evening Scotiabank released a statement in which is said, quote “While multiple teams are working around the clock and making process to assess damages and restore branch services, our first and foremost priority is to ensure the personal safety of our staff and customers.  Indeed, we are thankful there have been no reports of any injuries to our employees nor customers in today’s incident and affirm the Bank’s strict compliance with best practices of security standards across the organization.  We are now taking all steps necessary to quickly restore banking services to our customers.”  End of quote. This is the second time that Scotiabank in Spanish Lookout has been robbed at gunpoint. In March 2010 five armed men barged into the bank stealing more three hundred thousand dollars. One of them fatally shot on duty security guard, Stephen Lopez.