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Banner’s Murder Suspected to Be Drug Related

The second shooting in Belize City occurred late Saturday night not too far from where Hafiya was shot. The victim was twenty nine year old Roger Banner. Banner is a resident of Roaring Creek. Banner who is no stranger to the police was shot and killed on West Canal near the Publics Supermarket while sitting on the rail of the canal bridge talking with his girlfriend.


“Upon arrival police observed the lifeless body of one Roger William Banner who was lying on the streets with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to the head and body area. He was transported to the KHMH and was pronounced dead on arrival. Police investigation into that matter so far had lead us to three persons of interest who are currently in our custody and we believe that the motive for that murder was drug related.”

Police believe the incident was drug related and that Banner had some debts he never paid off.


“From our investigation there were three persons together but only one of them was armed with a firearm. None the less if our investigation evidence points us to all three persons based on the doctrine of joint enterprise we believe that we will be able to charge all three with his murder. We believe that he was indebted to somebody for some drugs and that person was the one who put the hit on him so that is what our investigation is revealing at this time.”

One man has been detained as the authorities seek two more persons in connection with this incident.