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Baptist School of Adults and Continuing Education Holds Business Expo

Students at the Baptist School of Adult and Continuing Education in Belmopan today hosted an expo. Correspondent Pauline Soberanis-Tillett spoke to the school’s director, Eugene Ezofer (eh-zoe-fer) about the work participants put in.

The Belmopan Baptist Highschool Night Division is today holding their first expo show at the market day plaza here in Belmopan. On display the students show off their creativity in home décor such as cement vases, coconut decorations and inspirational plaques. Love News spoke with the school’s director who told us about the school’s success and progress.

Eugene Ezofer, School Director, Baptist School of Adult and Continuing Education: We are happily gathered this morning to celebrate the success and progress of our students, the adult students. We are here today doing our first promo, first expo, first entrepreneurial expo in Belize. We are so happy with the progress our students are making in trying to develop their talents in the business area. We are so happy that our students are doing great in trying to be self independent and be so creative in managing their personal businesses and other things. Today I want to inform the general public as well as invite all the adults if you’re an adult and you have finished your primary 5 or primary 6 we have room for you, we want you to change your life, we want you to come and learn how to be positive, do positive things and change your life. We want to ask you to be part of the school.”