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BAR Association concerned about Human Rights

So far attorney, an attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd and the Belize Tourism Industry Association have both weighed in on the declaration of the state of emergency but the Bar Association of Belize had been relatively quiet on the legality of the instrument being forced on the south side of Belize City over the past week that had engulfed 110 persons in a dragnet. But this evening, the Bar sent a press release saying that it stood in solidarity with law enforcement and the Ministry of National Security in ensuring the safety of the citizens of Belize. However, it was concerned that any measure taken should not lead to the abuse of the human rights of any citizen. The Bar says it has  “serious concerns regarding the legal basis for the invocation of this provision and even more so, regarding the manner in which the Belize Police Department has been operating thus far under this new measure.” The Bar said it would continue to monitor the situation and would be committed to take any steps to ensure constitutionally guaranteed rights of all citizens are upheld and respected.