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Bar Association to hold forum on ICJ

The Bar Association held three legal sessions in the months of April, July and December 2018.  These sessions were aimed at promoting continued legal education with a focus on law and trending issues. There is another such session coming up in February as part of the bar’s annual law conference where an expert in international law, Professor Stephen Vasciannie, will be in the country to discuss the Belize-Guatemala dispute and the International Court of Justice. President of the Bar Association, Cheryl-Lynn Vidal, said that the forum on the ICJ will be open to the public.

Cheryl Lynn Vidal President Bar Association: “The final phase of this continued legal association will be the Bar Association’s Annual Law Conference during the week of February 4th which will look at the uses of enforcement and law orders under the civil procedure rules, arbitration proceedings, changes in the law relating to the dissolution of marriage and the development of the law of hearsay in the recent past. This conference will be apart of an entire week of activities and during that law week the bar also intends to honor two persons who have made a contribution to the profession, to the system and public service in general. They are retired Justice Gonzalez and Lucas. One of the major activities in that week will also be a public forum in relation to the upcoming ICJ Referendum. The aim of the association is to assist in public awareness and education so that voters can make a properly informed decision.”

Vidal added that the Bar Association continues to do its part to safeguard the civil liberties of the citizenry.