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BAR Association received Legal Opinion on the Belize/Guatemala Dispute

The Bar Association of Belize has received a Legal Opinion on the Belize/Guatemala Dispute by international law expert, Professor Stephen Vascianne.  The Opinion examines the Belize/Guatemala territorial dispute with reference to international law principles and, in the same vein, evaluates strengths and possible weaknesses of Belize’s case if the dispute were submitted for determination by the International Court of Justice.  The Bar Association commissioned the Opinion in accordance with its mandate to project its views on matters of public importance and to contribute to the national discourse on this issue leading up to the referendum to be held on 10th April 2019.  The Association will be hosting a public forum to discuss the legal issues raised in the Opinion with a view to furthering the national education campaign on the territorial dispute. Details of the date and venue of the forum will follow shortly. The Bar Association says it will reveal the opinion on its website Belizebar.bz on Monday, 4th of March, 2019.