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Bar Association’s ultimatum to CJ causes GOB to seek help for him

Earlier this month, the Belize Bar Association gave the Chief Justice an ultimatum. The association wants CJ Kenneth Benjamin to deliver 28 outstanding judgments by December 17, 2017 or resign. If he fails to do both, the Bar says it will file a complaint with the Judicial and Legal Services Commission to have him removed. Prime Minister Dean Barrow told the media that the CJ is receiving assistance which is being paid for by the Government.

Rt.Hon.Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“I am happy that it’s being set right. I saw where the Chief Justice has agreed to accept assistance from two retired judges from the Caribbean these are persons found by Sir Dennis Byron the President of the CCJ. Assistance that we have to pay for of course but that’s not an issue, we are not nearly as broke as you people seem to think. It’s not that everything is coming up roses or that we are in clover but we are managing, we can do what we need to do. With the advent of those two judges to assist the Chief Justice I am extremely confident that he will then be able to clear off this backlog by the point in time in December that he has committed to do this.”