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Barahona Killed at His Farewell Party

A young man was fatally shot on Saturday night in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District. The victim has been identified as 21-year-old, Omar Barahona Junior. Barahona was among relatives and friends at his house where a farewell party was being held in his honor.  Whilst socializing, a man approached them and began firing shots in their direction. The bullets caught Barahona Jr and his friend 20-year-old, Devon Brooks. Both were rushed to the Western Regional Hospital where Barahona succumbed to the gunshot wounds. Love News Correspondent, Fem Cruz rushed to the Western Regional Hospital minutes after the shooting and spoke with Barahona’s aunt, Teresita Caliz.



“We  were having a farewell party for my nephew and he went on the street side to talk to his friend Devon Brooks. While they were talking a gunman came out and fired shots at them catching Devon Brooks in the leg and my nephew in the head, leg and body chest area and we both took them to the hospital. Devon Brooks got treated for his gunshot wound and my nephew didn’t make it he passed away. He was a humble, amazing, wonderful individual. He didn’t fool around with anybody so for this to happen because he kept to himself. Next week he was going to the states to work so that is why we had the farewell party, all the family came to talk and celebrate with him because we knew he was going. And if anybody knows anything about what happened we would really appreciate it if you would help the police in solving this case.”

According to an eyewitness, the man who killed Barahona and shot Brooks is described as being slim and having dreadlocks. They say he pulled out a 9mm pistol and executed Barahona. Belmopan’s Commanding Officer, Superintendent Howell Gillett, told Love News they have a person of interest they are looking for, who will likely be charged for the murder and attempted murder.


“Shortly after 10pm officers responded the call of a shooting in the village of Cotton Tree which is in our jurisdiction. Due to the investigation we learned that Mr. Omar Barahona and Mr. Devon Brooks received gunshot wounds. Unfortunately Mr. Barahona did not make it and succumbed to his injuries and to that we want to offer our condolences and sympathies to the family and friends of Mr. Barahona. Mr. Brooks is recovering well at this moment. We have a suspect that cannot be named publicly at this moment but as soon as that person is taken into custody there is strong likelihood he will be charged for the death of Mr. Barahona.”

The farewell party was being held for Barahona as he was looking to migrate to the United States.