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Barrow Administration Announces Write Off of Public’s Debt to Government Health Facilities

While nothing would probably top the write offs of loans as he had done some years ago, Prime Minister Barrow did announce a write off of sorts as it pertains to members of the public who owe the KHMH for medical services rendered.  Prime Minister explained how this write off will be justified.


“GOB does not want simply to hand over the monies for the salary increase as a gift. We will therefore treat it as a buyout of the debt owed by consumers, by the Belizean public, to the KHMH. As of year end 2014, that total in unpaid bills amounted to around 9 million dollars. Of course, in trading off these bills that people owe to the KHMH, we won’t be giving KHMH dollar for dollar. We will, though, pay them enough to do two things. The first is to fund the salary increase to the expected tune of just about 2 million dollars. And the second is to assist with residual costs for the new, state of the art, PICU/NICU that is to be opened next month. The figure for this should not exceed another million dollars, since the bulk of equipment and construction monies has already been provided by the fund-raising efforts headed by my wife. This write off to the public of $9 million dollars in their unpaid which the collection agency hired by the KHMH will now no longer be hounding anyone for, is this year’s Independence Day gift to the people from the Government of Belize.”

The total write-off totals to almost eleven million dollars with nine million attached to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital and the additional two million dollars is attached to the write off of monies owed by the public at the other Government health facilities around the country.