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Barrow Says UDP Will Have to Take A Decision on Hulse

Today Prime Minister Dean Barrow was in Dangriga for Nomination Day and the media questioned him about the Hulse recording.


“When he talks about my being arrogant and wanting to go down in history as the only one to have won three consecutive terms, he is entitled to that sort of thinking and that would have been fine except for the libel which I will not repeat merely because I have to protect myself and I have to conserve my options in terms of legal action. Were it not for that, it would have been fine; it would have been a matter that I would have easily forgiven and forgotten but you can’t utter that sort of an absolutely abominable libel which reflects on my character, my reputation, something that I guard zealously; so, I believe that after we’ve heard from Mr.Hulse, after the public has heard from Mr.Hulse or if he doesn’t speak very shortly, in any event, the party will have to take a decision.”