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Barrow Speaks of Impending Resignation

There had been rumors that Chairman of the Executive Committee of BTL, Anwar Barrow was to resign from BTL because he was denied a large raise he had requested. Today the media presented the question to Barrow who cleared up those accusations. He did confirm that he has plans to resign just after he is finished carrying out his mandate at BTL.


“That’s absolutely untrue. I took  up the post two and a half years ago roughly and under the specific agreement as everybody pretty much knows and the management team and most of the staff; to achieve certain goals so one of those things was giving the company a clear strategic direction because at the time that is something that the board wanted to develop more. A second thing was re-energizing the marketing and that is evidenced by what we presented here today. A third thing was to recruit some key talents to management that we needed to move the company forward. A fourth thing has been lead the way as far as doing a technical refresh of our network and that is evidenced by many things largest of which is this new mobile network that we are going to launch. So I have had those things as my objectives and so when I complete those things I will be transitioning back into my private business; the last of which is the launch of this new LTE. It’s what we’re focused on. It’s what I am focused on largely.”

Barrow said he plans to leave the company after the launch of the 4G LTE.