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Barrow still searching for someone to Chair the Integrity Commission

On Friday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow was asked for an update with regards to the Integrity Commission which is without a Chair. That’s because the former Chair, Marilyn Williams is now a Justice of the Supreme Court of Belize. Prime Minister Barrow says it should not be long for Williams’ successor to be identified. Barrow says that while the Integrity Commission has no Chair, it is still carrying out its responsibilities.

Dean Barrow, Prime Minister

“I haven’t exactly been rushing simply because the commission continues to function there is no, the absence of the chairman temporarily does not bring to a halt the work of the commission. It is not like when we had no commission but nevertheless to answer your question it shouldn’t be too long.”

 The Commission is made up of members Armead Gabourel, Wilmot Simmons, Lisbeth Delgado, Nestor Vasquez, Melissa Balderamos Mahler and Claudet Grinage.