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PUP’s Demands on the Belize/Guatemala Issue

When John Briceno was elected to head the People’s United Party one of the first things he took on was extending a hand of cooperation to the Government of Belize when it comes to the discussions and negotiations between Belize and Guatemala.  The Barrow administration however has seemingly been giving the PUP a hard time when it comes to inclusion into those meetings.  Opposition Leader, John Briceno spoke on his party’s interest and concerns in the Belize Guatemala territorial differendum and their recent decision to not continue taking part in the discussions.

With the decision to not allow themselves to be bullied by the Government of Belize, Briceno also spoke of several demands they have put together to the government including the internationalization of Guatemala’s aggression.

Opposition Leader, John Briceno made these remarks earlier today at the PUP’s Secretariat in a press briefing.