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BAS Honors Former Board Members

The Belize Audubon Society held a ceremony at the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary over the weekend to honor former board members, Lascelle Tillett and Mike Heusner. Tillett and Heusner pioneered ecotourism in Belize and were honoured for their fervent advocacy for the conservation of Belize’s natural resources. The Executive Director of the Belize Audubon Society, Amanda Acosta, says the occasion was also an opportunity to recognize, Sarita Tillett, a noteworthy board member who passed away.

Amanda Acosta, Executive Director Belize Audubon Society: “One was to celebrate board members who have retired during the COVID period. We recognised Mr. Laselle Tillett and Mr. Mike Heusner who have been outstanding board members for over 20 years. The second event we held, or the second purpose, we went to Cocscomb to celebrate the life and legacy of Ms. Sarita Tillett. Ms. Sarita who was a long standing member of the Belize Audubon Society, sadly, passed away due to COVID in 2021. In her honour, we received a legacy grant that upgraded the trail that used to be known as the 123 River Trail. Significant infrastructure has gone into the trail to upgrade it for the Golden Citizens of Belize.” 

In commemoration of her work, the Sarita Tillett Legacy Grant was used to facilitate upgrades to the park. Acosta says these upgrades will make it easier for the elderly to trek through the trails.

Amanda Acosta, Executive Director Belize Audubon Society: “Some of the infrastructural improvements on the trail included bridges, steps, and in essence, we were trying to make the trail as easy for mobility as possible. We know that some of the trails at the site are arduous and have a series of elevation variations. This trail was done and upgraded with those people of the Golden Citizens in mind.”

The Sarita Tillett Legacy Grant was donated by family friends Marcia and Andy Rebmann.