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Basketball Tournament Underway

People gathered at Swift Hall, Southside Belize, as basketball teams go head to head in the annual summer basketball tournament. Youths from the southern region of Belize were invited to both watch and play. The Tournament engaged both U 17 and U15 teams both female and male. Love News spoke to Micah Goodin, Councillor for youth and sports.

Micah Goodin – Councillor for Youths and Sports: “Today we are having our Annual Summer Basketball Camp Tournament. As you would know Belize is added up into ten constituencies and we have two teams representing each constituency. On a team you have twelve persons and so we are actively engaging two hundred and forty young people for about five weeks. Here is one of our centers for the southside teams, this is the Swift Hall. On the north side we have another one hundred and twenty young people currently also playing basketball at the SJC Gymnasium so five weeks of fun for them showcasing their talents, meeting other young people across the city and just having a good time. At the end of the regular season we are hoping to have championship games at the Belize Civic Center. We want to give them that platform, the leading basketball court in our country to showcase their talents. At the end of the tournament winners will receive a book grant in addition to trophies and other prizes so we are really trying to encourage them to go back to school and so we are trying to support their education.”

The summer tournament hopes to keep the youths of Belize always entertained and away from violence and gangs. ///////