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Battle Camp 2022 Being Prepared

Cabinet also approved a request for funding by the Ministry of National Defence and Border Security to conduct the 2022 Battle Camp for the Belize Defence Force Volunteer Element and the Belize Defence Force Youth Cadet Corps. Minister Mira explains why Battle Camp is needed.

Oscar Requena, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence and Border Security: “Battle Camp is done every year but because of COVID restrictions we had not been able to do battle camp. The volunteer element of the Belize Defence Force they need to be trained. They’re not full time soldiers therefore they train two hours twice a week and they would train one weekend every month but we also have two weeks of training every year and this has been happening every since the volunteer battalion was established. Unfortunately because of COVID and other restrictions we have not been able to do volunteer battle camp and we have now gotten permission from Cabinet which comes with a cost a well to ensure that these soldiers to the training that they deserve and they need to do so that they are kept up to a certain standard. Every volunteer soldier is on call to support the Belize Defence Force and if you’d know many volunteer soldiers do work alongside the Belize Defence Force regular soldiers but we need to keep them up to date with their training and the Battle Camp is that two week training that we do every year.”