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BBB Pres: “no subsidies, no special interests”

Even as Lizarraga was very critical of the last administration, he also expressed his disapproval of subsidies provided by the PUP Government. Here’s part of that discussion on why the BBB’s president disagrees with the Briceno administration’s move. 

Arturo Lizzaraga, President, Belize Business Bureau: “In fact, I believe that if we implement the $5 we should take away the fuel subsidy. Meaning, Government should not be giving up revenues because we have to meet the payroll and of course their payroll will increase. So instead of using special interests, we should allow everybody to benefit.”

Dale McDougal, Love FM News: What are your thoughts on the importance of subsidies given the fact that the economy is still trying to get on its footing?

Arturo Lizzaraga, President, Belize Business Bureau: “None at all. Here’s no need for special interests here. In fact, one of the proposals that we made in March, the Business Bureau made a proposal, several. One was let’s talk to Chavez. You know if Biden could talk to Chavez, let’s get the deal. The guy from the island did it. He didn’t show up at the summit. He got his 30% discount. Let’s do it. I’m glad that CARICOM had a meeting on the 6th of July and agreed they would tackle the issue. So, yes PetroCaribe 2.0 is on the table but we need to push that.”