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BBB President suggests a loosening of the policy on solar energy

The Belize Business Bureau President also weighed in on the subject of solar energy. He argues that while this sustainable form of energy is environmentally friendly, the policy which supports it needs to be amended. He called for more opportunities for ordinary people to own solar panels. 

Arturo Lizzaraga, President, Belize Business Bureau: “Why must we let one corporate entity control our entire energy sector? I’ve brought investors here who want to put 100 megawatts but who says no? A private company. They’re controlling the business. They already have the water now they want the sky. So are we going to give one person the water and the sky? Now I’m saying, why don’t we open the industry, let all individuals put their own solar because you can’t just put solar. You have to have permission from the corporate entity. So why don’t they become just a distributing agency? They don’t produce anything. All individuals, people don’t go to DFC and the banks for solar energy because it doesn’t make sense. If you could sell back on the grid and they pay you then it’s easy to put on a solar panel on your roof because then your excess is sold. And so I am saying we seriously need to deal with policies head on and in detail and let the public participate in the development. Don’t let it, don’t bottleneck it for one company where the CEO makes a half a million dollars. You know, I don’t understand. I believe we really need to dig down deep and try to find solutions for people because times are tough. Yes, I appreciate that they’ve eased the people by not charging but we also have to understand we are spending 60 millions dollars to Mexico by importing high priced energy when we could have had that sunshine on our roof and not have somebody harassing you to pay your light bill. I don’t know if you understand what I’m trying to say but I am saying to you let’s get simpler. Let’s get more effective. Let’s get more economical and let’s not be so formal that we can’t find our tails or our heads in what we’re doing during the day.”