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BBB President wants both 5-dollar minimum wage and a duty-free food basket

The Belize Business Bureau is calling for greater access to affordable, healthy food and the implementation immediately of the five-dollar minimum wage. President of the BBB, Arturo Lizarraga discussed the matter yesterday with the media in response to questions about policy shifts in agriculture and livestock. Lizarraga believes that if the people have greater spending power, the economy will function better. Here’s how he explained it.

Arturo Lizarraga, President Belize Business Bureau: “You remember I have a cousin who has a meat shop on the southside and he is a big complainer. He says mien the minister changed his name to whatever other Mennonite name. You know because he wants cheaper beef but you also have to understand, the market is a funny thing. If there is a demand, the price goes up and if you have a product, you will sell it to the person who pays you the highest price. But the issue is not the supply of cattle you know. They have enough cattle. It’s just the price you’re willing to pay for it. That is one of the reasons why I keep saying that we need to give a basket to the people of 200 items that they can go to Chetumal or wherever and get these goods totally duty free so that they can eat. So that they don’t have to depend just on Mennonite beef. Right? And that would be a tremendous gain for people and that’s I’m a very, the Business Bureau is a very big advocate for the $5 minimum wage. It’s not a coincidence. Because okay, you can’t give us a 200 items so that people could eat then give us the 5 bucks but we prefer both.”