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BCC Ridding the City of Derelicts

The Belize City Council has partnered with the Belize Police Department, the National Fire Service, the National Emergency Management Organization and the Human Services Department to eliminate abandoned buildings from within the city. These agencies have identified several derelict buildings and have decided to carry out a derelict buildings demolition project. Councilor in charge of CEMO, Phillip Willoughby, told us more.


“All of us at the table have discussed three important issues that are of high importance where it concerns abandoned and derelict buildings, derelict vehicles and overgrown lots. The residents and community have also spurred the talks for us to be much more proactive for the city to lead the charge in relation to the said undertaking. So on my part along with NEMO it is how well and best we prepare the city as we mitigate against these derelict buildings that may be dangerous in times of disaster and we have to mitigate better to protect life and preserve property. Maybe not the owner’s property that is deemed abandoned but to secure persons within the proximity where this structure is. So it is of great importance for us to look after the residence and safeguard their well being. The second aspect is the aspect of lot cleaning. The sanitation manager along with the director of our courts will be coordinating with the prison for us to get the prisoners to clean these overgrown lots. Thirdly the police department will be collaborating with us to deal with the removal of derelict vehicles.”

Councilor Willoughby says that the property owner would be the one who would pay for the demolition.