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BCCI Comments on Ads Aimed at the Unions

The joint unions have lambasted the PUP, whose party runs the government, for producing and paying for the broadcast of adverts criticizing union leaders. The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry says that attack ads and the scathing tongue-lashings both sides have engaged in are part of the reason why there is mistrust. Here again is President Marissa Longsworth.

Marissa Longsworth, President, Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry: “Certainly the modes of communication not just within the meeting room but also as it relates to the ad campaigns that are occurring right now, you know, we have also heard ministers themselves say “I don’t know how that ad came out or why it came out.” So you know there is this disconnect between what is the message coming out of a certain camp, what is the actual message coming out of this side or that side. And so obviously I think it’s, um, plain as day to see that these sorts of aspects do contribute to breakdown in negotiations, it does contribute as well to the lack of trust that exists, it also does contribute to drawn out negotiations because what ends up happening is that when you return to the room for negotiations you then have to deal with what has happened between the last meeting you had and the meeting you’re now in, and instead of picking up from where you were at the last meeting and continuing in that good faith and that’s why the word good faith is being used here.