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BCCI comments on Senate Hearings

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has responded to the proposal made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow in regards to the continuation of the Senate Select Committee hearing. During a recent press conference, Prime Minister Dean Barrow stated that he would reconsider government’s decision to no longer financially support the senate hearing past November if the committee provides a schedule as to when the hearing will conclude. The BCCI also believes it is not unreasonable to call on The Committee to provide a practical timeline and associated budget estimates that they believe would be sufficient for the fulfillment of their Terms of Reference. According to the BCCI, this is in keeping with the spirit of Paragraph I of their TOR which states quote, “the Committee shall hold its hearings with due urgency and expedition, in accordance with Standing Order 75 of the Senate Standing Orders.” The BCCI further calls on the Commissioner of Police (ComPol) and the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to leverage the work of The Committee to complete their own investigations with the aim of bringing criminal charges against all persons who have violated the laws. The BCCI believes that for the Commissioner of Police and the DPP, to wait until The Committee concludes its inquiries before the ComPol and DPP initiate their own investigations would be a great disservice to Belize and a dereliction of the duties entrusted to them.