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BCCI Signs MOU Hoping to Strengthen Bilateral Ties with Israel

The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Israel Latin-American Chamber of Commerce. BCCI hopes that through this agreement there will be more opportunities for economic growth, trade investments, and information sharing. Public Relations Manager at the BCCI, Kory Leslie, explained to Love News the significance of the MOU. 

Kory Leslie, PR Manager, Belize Chamber of Commerce: “We know that in the field of agriculture, we are stepping more towards digitisation of different functions and different strategies to improve our agricultural processes here back at home to make them more efficient, to make them more modern. So while the discussions of how we will go about doing this is ongoing, we can’t just, like I said, it’s the first step in a process of future steps that we’re going to take to achieve this. We notice Israel is more advanced when it comes to agricultural and technological sectors and bringing those together and the best part about this agreement is that it’s an information sharing, basically a strategy to share information about trade, economic trends. It will bring about investment projects, exhibitions and business events and things of that sort. The Israel Chamber is the agency that works in favour of bi-lateral trade relations and corporations in Central America and we’re always looking to make links into Central America, Latin America and beyond. So that’s one of the areas that we will be focussed on in this agreement for both parties just carrying out joint promotions and cooperation to further our commercial ties. So of course this will lead to discussions on importation and exportation opportunities. As I mentioned, exhibitions of businesses both here and in Israel and with their counterparts and our counterparts, you know. There will be trainings and webinars for trade and investment. So these are all things that we look forward to discussing as we progress throughout the stages of the agreement.”