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BCG Commander Says the Organization Will Not Reach One Hundred Percent Vaccination for COVID-19

In the Belize Coast Guard, there is a tiny fraction of members who have not been vaccinated. While there has been a low level of resistance, Commandant Rear Admiral Elton Bennett says that no member among its ranks have been penalized for not being vaccinated.

Admiral Elton Bennett, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: “We haven’t had any non compliant individuals, those individuals –  which is a small number – that are required to produce a certificate of their tests result have been doing so so we have not been able to or we have not had the need to charge or dismiss anybody.”

Reporter: OK so there’s a level of resistance to the vaccine?

 Admiral Elton Bennett, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: “We have I think about 6% of the Belize Coast Guard that have not been vaccinated.”

Reporter: And it’s not looking that you’ll get to 100?

Admiral Elton Bennett, Commandant, Belize Coast Guard: “No I don’t think we’ll get to 100. Of that about 6% some of those are on interdiction and even those that are here they’re required to produce a negative result and they’re doing that.”

Vaccinations are now available for everyone 12 years and older. Persons who have been vaccinated for at least 8 weeks are asked to visit any Ministry of Health and Wellness health facility to get their second dose of the vaccine.