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BCG Reviews Milestones of 2015

The Belize Coast Guard celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2015 and has shown impressive progress over the years ranging from its members, equipment, training and facilities.  With an overview of the accomplishments they have made in 2015, Admiral John Borland started off a presentation this morning in the presence of several senior officers of the Belize Coast Guard as well as the Minister of National Security, John Saldivar.


For the year 2015, there was a lot to boast about when it comes to the progress of the Belize Coast Guard.  Adjutant, Lieutenant Junior Alma Pinelo gave a breakdown in several areas including training and promotions.


For the men and women in the Coast Guard, they are deployed to several key areas around the country as explained by Lieutenant Greg Soberanis responsible for Fleet Operations.


Soberanis went on to speak of their supporting role they play with other law enforcement agencies including the police, fisheries officers, customs and the BDF.

belize coast guard truckGREG SOBERANIS

As it relates to the equipment currently in the possession of the Belize Coast Guard and the bases that are currently active, Lieutenant Soberanis spoke of them and their role and importance.  He also spoke about the coordination done among law enforcement agencies.


coast guard 8th annivThe Belize Coast Guard started out in November 2015 with only fifty members.  To date that figure has more than quadrupled particularly due to the second rounds of recruits taking place annually.