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BCG’s Daniel Arzu Jr Remains in Induced Coma Following Shooting Incident

24-year-old, Daniel Arzu Junior is in the Intensive Care Unit at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital in Belize City after being shot yesterday evening at around five o’clock on Neal’s Pen Road.  He is in a critical condition and has been placed in an induced coma by his attending physicians.  Arzu is the son of Superintendent of Police, Daniel Arzu Sr who currently commands the Benque Viejo del Carmen police station.  Love News spoke with the father on his son’s condition and prognosis.


“I received a call yesterday evening sometime after 5pm and I was told that an incident happened and that it concerned my son and was advised that he was shot once to the head and was transported to the KHMH where he is currently undergoing medical treatment. I am advised by the doctor that he is in a critical condition, he underwent a surgery yesterday evening and that was a success but he is still in a critical condition as we speak. He received an injury to his head that excited as well and he is struggling for his life as it is right now. The doctors are asking us to be hopeful, I do know that my son is a hardworking young man, I do not see him engaged in any criminal activities, he is an element of the coast guard and he is doing relatively okay. He had been doing courses within the country and outside and his ambition is to grow within the organization. The doctors are quite careful about their advice and he is indicating to me that they are still rendering treatment to him and they are not in a position at this point in time, the prognosis will be after 48 hours to see his response and then he will be in a better position to advise but as it is right now they are monitoring the situation to see how he progresses.”

According to Arzu, he is leaving the investigation in the hands of the police officers.  He says he has been informed that so far two persons have been detained.  The crime happened in the jurisdiction of Eastern Division South led by Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams.  ACP Williams briefed the media on the investigation so far.


Commander of the Belize Coast Guard, Admiral John Borland has been very supportive in the situation and has told the media that the entire BCG team has been rooting for Arzu’s full recovery.


“We will never leave a fallen comrade in the hands of the enemy so instantly everyone who was on deck reacted and we all converged on the hospital ,our immediate concern was the condition of our sailor. Showing our presence and being there to make sure that nothing is left to chance that he gets every bit of support that he can to make his recovery process successful. We expect to get engaged in our area of operations but not to be taken down in our homes. We think about force protection where it lends to our area of operations or area of responsibility but it also transcends to our homes. One of my immediate concerns prior to this incident is that there are too many coast guard people living in Belize City. I am not saying that Belize City is not a good place to live but you saw the opening up of that new facility where we will be able to house between 50 and 100 people.”

Arzu’s father told Love News that there was a period of consciousness where his son was speaking and did reveal some information but up to news time, he remains in an induced coma.  Love News was reliably informed that prior to Superintendent Arzu finding out of his son’s incident, senior members of the Belize Police Department had already begun circulating the news.  A situation that Superintendent Arzu says he was very unhappy about as he was yet to notified.