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BDF and Louisiana – Continued Partnership in 2017

Collaboration and cooperation between Belize’s military and the Louisiana National Guard are continuous as BDF Commander, David Jones returned from a working visit earlier this month which he briefed the media on today.


“I was in Louisiana at the time, we discussed future cooperation in particular for our volunteer battalion and what sort of training opportunities our volunteer officers will get in Louisiana and what opportunities the Louisiana Army National Guard has to come here in Belize to do training with us and also to partner with construction projects. One of the projects they did with us was the entrance to the gate that structure there was because of a joint partnership with them. One of the big things we are looking forward to, there was a meeting held in Haiti just a few weeks ago and we are looking at having the Louisiana national guard and members of the US army perhaps go to Haiti to do humanitarian projects and reconstruction again.  If that comes to fruition the discussion has taken place between myself and the General from the Louisiana National Guard to get the BDF to join in the forces that will go to Haiti to assist with reconstruction there.”


In November high ranking officials of the Louisiana Guard were in Belize celebrating twenty years of friendship and cooperation.