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BDF to BTV’s rescue

The Belize Territorial Volunteers is reporting once again of Guatemalan incursions on the Belize side of the Sarstoon River. Wil Maheia of the BTV said they were on a humanitarian mission to Graham Creek this morning when they encountered Guatemalan Armed Forces.

Wil Maheia – Belize Territorial Volunteers: “As we were going up the Sarstoon River the Guatemalan gun boat, the Guatemalan military tried to intercept our boat but the BDF came to our rescue and we applaud their effort, the BDF were very professional. Once we informed them that we were going to Graham Creek and I just want to say that it is evident that the Guatemalan think that they own this river, they come over to our side they were on the north side of the Sarstoon River it is evident that they were in Belizean waters they tried to disrespect the BDF. I think that the BDF did a really good job to show their force today and it goes to show you that if we want to take control of this river our BDF will have to continue to do what they are doing. I am just saying that look this Government of Belize needs to do something, needs to complain to the international community about Guatemala’s behavior. As you can see in the video that the Guatemalans were trying to stop our boat. Thanks again to the BDF from preventing them from stopping our boat but the Guatemalans continue to violate our sovereignty and come into our area and these are the people that our government wants to go to the ICJ with I say absolutely not.”

There is still no protocol in place for the Sarstoon River.