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BDF Commander Dispels Rumors of Guatemalan Flag on Sarstoon Island

While the four helicopters flew above, there were rumours circulating that Guatemalan nationals were on the Sarstoon Island erecting their national flag thus claiming it their own.  The speculations, comments and excitement flooded some social media pages and turns out that while we at Love News set out to verify these reports, so did the Belize Defense Force.  In the end, however, it turns out there was no truth to the matter.  Love News spoke with Brigadier General David Jones who told us that checks were made and that Belizeans need to not spread untruths on such a delicate national issue.


“There is no flag on there. I don’t know who came up with the idea there is a flag there; it is unnecessary because there is no flag on the island. The Guatemalans have not put any flag there. As far as I am concerned, as the BDF, it is in our territory. They just called and they said there is no flag there.  I just want to caution people, don’t listen to rumors, try and get the facts confirmed with us like you are doing now with the BDF, we frequent the area. We just confirmed there is no flag and if there is anything there in regard to dispute between the Sarstoon Island let it be handled by the government through the Foreign Affairs.”

At the end of last week we were alerted of a situation between the Belize Coast Guard and the Guatemalan Naval officers that occurred in Belizean waters near the Sarstoon Island where the Guatemalan officers had asked our Coast Guard officers to leave the island.  Our officers stood their ground and the Guatemalans left without incident.  We were told by the CEO in the Ministry of National Security, Retired Colonel George Lovell that an official letter of protest had been sent to their counterpart in Guatemala and up to news time on Friday there had been no response.  We tried contacting Lovell today to see if there was any forthcoming response from the Guatemalans but we were unable to reach him.