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BDF Commander Speaks of Guatemalan Incursions Into Belize

The incursions have been many and organizations like Friends for Conservation has been trying to emphasize the urgency in getting funds to patrol the area and for steps to be taken to have the Guatemalans cease and desist from raping our natural resources.  It would be extreme to say that those calls by the FCD have gone unheard as they have been receiving some support and even the National Security minister is very much aware of how severe the incursions have been as BDF Commander David Jones spoke of that issue yesterday whilst at the Sarstoon FOB inauguration.


“We have been conducting our changeover of the Cadenas Observation Post at the south western most part of our border for decades by traversing this river. Many occasions over the years we have encountered numerous activities to include agrarian encroachments, illegal logging, even drug trafficking. On several occasions over the years I have personally destroyed clandestine air strips along the northern back of this river. These activities were not easily seen or addressed as sometimes it would only be by luck or keen intuition that we would become aware of the illicit activities in this area. Having a permanent base here now we will better become aware of the illicit activities that affect our sovereignty and we will be in a better position to address them.”