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BDF Commander speaks of upcoming changes

A few months ago, former Chief of Staff, Raymond Sheppard went on pre-retirement leave from the Belize Defense Force.  Since then there has been constant changes in that department.  But according to Commander David Jones, things will be cleared up soon.

Brigadier General David Jones, Commander, BDF

Colonel Shepherd officially is on preretirement leave. He is going to be out of the force in July about the end of the first week in July. When he has gone on his preretirement leave, Colonel Loria came in and stepped in as the Chief of Staff it was only temporary for him because he has to go on study as well.  He already went overseas on his overseas course, he’s going to be away for a year so when he stepped out Col. Sutherland stepped in for a week or so and it was only for a brief period because Colonel Loria was acting as my deputy and because he has gone to study then I had to move Colonel Sutherland up as my acting deputy now so now it’s Lieutenant Colonel Lorenzo who is the Acting Chief of Staff at the moment. That is how it’s going to remain for at least for a few more months because then we have another officer who needs to come back, we have Colonel Requena who is assisting RSS out in Barbados, he is on loan to them and he is expected back in the country at the end of next month. So when he comes in there is going to be another shuffle and then that shuffle should remain in place for at least a year.”

As it relates to the Belize Defense Force, soldiers are required to retire at the age of forty five.  Love News understands that discussions to extend that age limit is on the table but there have been little progress on the matter.