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BDF Commander Speaks on His Efforts in Resurgence of British Forces in Belize

As you may recall, back in 2011, there was a downsizing of the BATSUB and now, four years later we are seeing the resurgence.  According to the Commander of the Belize Defense Force, Brigadier General, David Jones, he has been working hard in getting back the training exercises with the British Forces.


“When they had cut down the size of the unit that they had here in Belize in 2011 as soon as I took command in 2013 I saw it prudent to try and get the British Army to come back here to train because of the deficiencies I had seen with the training opportunities and the training caliber that the Belize Defense Force had.  So I decided to visit the UK and I visited his Commander, at the time, Sir Peter Wall and had a meeting with them requesting that the UK Government and in particular the British Army has closer cooperation again with Belize in the days that it used to happen. So it was an important meeting, subsequent to that they had sent some officers here to Belize to visit us to see the possibility of training exchange and training opportunities for the British Army and for the Belize Defense Force and it is now culminating with this visit today where the Commander of the entire land forces of the British Army is visiting Belize and he is going to have a meeting with myself, subsequently he is going to meet with the Prime Minister later and he is coming with the news in regard to the level of training opportunities and engagement that the British Army and in particular BATSUB will have now in Belize.”