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BDF First Battalion team wins Best Warrior Title

The final day of the Best Warrior Competition came to a close today at the Belize Coast Guard headquarters.  Reporter Naim Borges has the story.

The final day of the Best Warrior Competition came to a close today at the Belize Coast Guard headquarters.  Reporter Naim Borges has the story.

Naim Borges, Love FM News: Going into day three of the 2019 Best Warrior competition the “One Battalion” team form the Belize defense force was winning the competition with the CSOG team of the Belize Coast Guard coming in second. As you may recall the third day is where the warriors break away from the soldiers and only one team comes out victorious. After two days of overcoming tough challenges soldiers woke up bright and early. Commander Gregory Soberanis briefed us on the results.

Lt.Gregory Soberanis, Fleet Commander, BCG

Lt.Gregory Soberanis, Fleet Commander, BCG: “All seven teams departed at ten minute intervals from the Burrell Boom Elton Gillett Park, made their way to the Hattieville Gallery Range where they engaged targets 200 meters away. At the end of the first event we had One Battalion from the BDF in first place followed by the Special Operations Group from the Coast Guard and third the Strike Team. It was really competitive on the road this morning, all teams were pushed to their limits but at the end of the day BDF came out on top.”

Naim Borges, Love FM News:  As we told you before, today is the day these soldiers faced the final challenge called the crucible. Commander Soberanis told us what these dedicated warriors must endure at the Crucible.

Lt.Gregory Soberanis, Fleet Commander, BCG: “This is a challenging event, I mean we have two heavy logs that you must carry around in a circuit, we have that 300 pound chain, you have to flip the tires a good distances and the tires are extremely heavy and you complete with negotiating the obstacle course; so the guys are going to be challenged on this particular event. It really comes down to this event because the competition is still tight and BDF and CSOG are competing for the coveted title of Best Warrior this afternoon.”

Naim Borges, Love FM News:  This year the Belize Defense Force had two teams participating in the Best Warrior Competition. According to Steven Ortega, BDF Commander, this competition is the highlight of the friendly competition between the Belize Coast Guard and the BDF.

Steven Ortega, Commander, BDF

Steven Ortega, Commander, BDF: “Every competition, especially something like this, actually you test yourself against another organization so it is beneficial to them because they understand that they need to raise their level. I believe this same team from One Battalion I think came second or third last year and so they realized that they needed to put in more work in order to win the competition so  I guess what they turned out to do and they’re doing it so far so congratulations to them.”

Reporter: According to Commander Gregory Soberanis after three days of tough challenges all soldiers will be tired and blistered from the tasks they had to overcome. This however isn’t something negative as it shows that all of them are true warriors and can handle anything thrown their way.

BDF First Battalion team placed first followed by the Belize Coast Guard’s Special Ops Group while the Coast Guard’s Strike Team placed third.  More important than the monies awarded, the teams walk away with the prestigious title and bragging rights.  As for the BDF, this is the first year that they have taken away the title from the Belize Coast Guard.