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BDF Force Sergeant Major Wilfredo Majano Inducted into the International Military Student Office Hall of Fame

The Belize Defence Force’s Force Sergeant Major Wilfredo Majano has been inducted into the International Military Student Office Hall of Fame. The event, which took place virtually, was held on Wednesday. His promotion to the Force Sergeant Major led him to attend the Non-Commissioned Officer School of Excellence in El Paso, Texas, USA. He spoke to us via Zoom about the important achievement.

FSM Wilfred Majano, Warrant Officer, Class 1 BDF: “First and foremost it was a surprise for me. It was a dream that came true. Initially my dream was to become the Force Sergeant Major and one of the requisites of becoming the Force Sergeant Major is to actually be a student of that school of excellence so that’s one of the prerequisites for you to become the Force Sergeant Major you have to attend the Sergeant Major Academy. I was then selected by my command and then I attended the class seventy which we graduated last year and then we finished the last semester virtually due to the pandemic.”

During the course of the program, FSM Majano had enrolled in various activities and engaged in one hundred twenty hours of community service. He says his dedication led him to being the only international student to have received this award.

FSM Wilfred Majano, Warrant Officer, Class 1 BDF: “The course is designed for you as the senior enlisted soldier in the armed forces to think at the strategic level so that we can guide our subordinates, our company sergeant major, our battalion sergeant majors when it comes to the operational and tactical level. So that’s the entire goal of attending that school to have that same language as the command is speaking so that you can have that same tactical mentality when it comes to the strategic planning for the force. I already started to use some of the stuff we just finished completing a Sergeant Major Course locally and there was a lot of stuff from the academy that was included in the curriculum. As well the master resilience training which is very very important portion that is one of the key things that we have already engaged and lodged into the BDF when it comes to different courses not only at the leadership and management course but all the different courses that we have for enlisted we have already incorporated that master resilience training which was one of the mandatory package that we had to do at the academy.”