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BDF increases its numbers

After sixteen weeks of intensive training, today, seventy four recruits joined the ranks of the Belize Defence Force.  As usual the passing out ceremony took place at the Sir Colville Parade Square at Price Barracks in Ladyville. The keynote address was delivered by the CEO in the Ministry Of Defence, Retired Colonel Felix Enriquez.

Retired Colonel Felix Enriquez – CEO, Ministry of Defence

“It is by design that the BDF recruit training is tough; mentally and physically and only those with strong willpower and physical, mental toughness can survive it. You have been screened, you have been trained, you have been tested and now you are ready to perform the task alongside the already seasoned, proud and battle ready soldiers of the regular element of the BDF and what a task it is. Walking up and down in early hours of each morning in the dense jungle of the Chiquibul, in the high mountains of the Vaca, pounding the beat along our borders Northwest and South whether by land, sea or by air or by along the Hondo or the Sarstoon protecting our sovereignty and territorial integrity means meeting the challenges of the beautiful but sometimes bitter tropics but getting the job done regardless of season or terrain. The long days of training is not unusual in the life of a recruit but I assure you that it will be useful in your career as soldier and you will be expected to work very long hours after today. You must do the job of defending Belize.”

Enriquez urged the new soldiers to give of their best. He said the Ministry is also doing its part to ensure the security of our borders.

Retired Colonel Felix Enriquez – CEO, Ministry of Defence

“The Government of Belize is fully aware of the critical important role that both the BDF and the Coast Guard play in securing our nation and in participating in securing the entire region of Central America and the Caribbean. That is why the Ministry of Defense has invested substantially in both these departments in terms of human resources, equipment and logistical sport. This recruit intake is just one of several training that the force undertakes to remain competent and to be nationally ready. There are numerous operational and skills training that are successful completed as part of the annual training cycle. We continue to partner with regional and international armed forces to enhance these competencies of the BDF and making our country a safer place for citizens, residents and all who visit the precious jewel. Training and adequately arming an organization like the BDF is not cheap. It is expensive. Maintaining a high state of operational readiness while attending to the existing threats of our sovereignty and internal security requires commitment from the members of the security forces, from the Ministry of Defense, from the Government of Belize and indeed from the entire citizenry of this country. This government has made the defense of our nation a top priority because we understand that while it is costly to maintain security and stability for our country, it is even more costly not to be ready when the time demands it.

The champion recruit was Rodney Delcid who told Love News it was always his dream to serve his country.

Rodney Delcid – Champion Recruit

“Ever since I was a child it was a dream of mine to serve my country. I saw my father do it and I just wanted to follow in his footsteps. It was very intense but thanks to my colleagues we all tried our best, competing with them to be the best makes me very proud of myself. It makes me want to do even better.

Ava Diaz Sosa

“So what’s your ultimate goal, your plans?

Rodney Delcid – Champion Recruit

“My goal is to go up in ranks and be a medic one day.”

Lincoln Cuthkelvin won the champion field craft award, Ernesto Canti was Champion PT and Carl Mossiah was Champion shot. A number of officers received long service and good conduct award as part of today’s event.