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BDF Lieutenant tops training in Jamaica

Lieutenant Andre Ayuso of the Belize Defence Force was given his wings last Thursday after completing a Wings Course at the Jamaica Defence Force.  Ayuso began his training in February 2019 and was additionally awarded upon his return home for outstanding overall performance and for being the top student in the course.  Brigadier General Steven Ortega spoke on this training and what it does for his team at the BDF.

Brig. Gen. Steven Ortega, Commander, Belize Defence Force: These guys were there doing pilot training as well. We have received preliminary reports of their course and so we’re still awaiting the official report but this is an improvement in terms of getting more pilots trained for the air wing. This is a partnership that we do with Canada and Jamaica, the school is at Jamaica and cosponsored by Canada and so we actually send pilots there to get trained and these are the guys who have recently returned – Ayuso and Neal. We also have an instructor pilot who works from there. It’s a continuing program that we do where we send instructors and we get a chance to get students trained to be pilots be it rotary or fixed wing.”

The course Ayuso took was the Wings Course 19/01 Rotary Wing in Jamaica.  Ayuso was joined by counterparts from Guatemala and the Dominican Republic