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BDF not able to communicate with Guatemalan Arm Forces due to language barrier

Conflicting reports have dominated the Belize/Guatemala issue in recent weeks with Belize’s leaders speaking of both countries agreeing to settling the matter peacefully and the Guatemalan media exposing contradictory statements by their officials.  It has also become conflicting when the Belize military is told to remain calm and not aggravate or cause any further tensions says while the Guatemalan Armed Forces has shown no hesitance in aggressing the BDF men.  Tonight, there is another video leaked to the media on an incident that occurred last Wednesday at the Sarstoon.  The video which runs for one minute and forty seconds depicts five BDF soldiers approaching the Sarstoon and then coming face to face with two Guatemalan vessels and twenty one armed men.  As they got closer, one of the BDF men told the Guatemalans that they are heading to their side of the Sarstoon.  In response, one of the Guatemalan men demanded to the soldiers that they respect the protocol agreement in place; a protocol agreement invented and ratified unilaterally by the Guatemalans which states that Belizeans need to get authorization from the Guatemalan administration.  The BDF subsequently turned away.