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BDF participate in training to assist at risk youths

Members of the Belize Defence Forced participated in a training last week on how to positively influence at risked youths in Belize City. The training which was for ten days was facilitated by the Louisiana National Guard, LANG, in Louisiana, USA. The LANG and the BDF have trained and worked together as part of the State Partnership Program for more than 20 years. The trained BDF soldiers will return to Belize to facilitate a Youth Challenge Program that will mirror the LANG’s own program of the same name. The program is schedule to start Oct. 16, 2017.  The Youth Challenge Program is designed to teach young cadets self-discipline, leadership and responsibility. Belize’s National Youth Cadet Service Corps, teaches troubled young men between the ages of 13 to 17 good work ethics and values over a 10-month span. The BDF Soldiers travelled to Louisiana to learn how to incorporate the knowledge they obtained into a similar program back home. Administrator for the Belize National Youth Cadet Service Corps Theresa Robinson said she was not sure how her troops would benefit from the program, but is walking away with confidence in the course’s benefits.