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BDF Private Erin Escobar and his partner Taylor recognized for their service

BDF Private Erin Escobar and his partner Taylor were recognized by the Belize Police Department for their service and dedication to the department. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz spoke to Escobar after he received his commendation.

Fem Cruz: “To show appreciation and building moral of the Police a short ceremony was held this afternoon at the Police Training Academy in Belmopan where private 24821 Erwin Escobar was awarded for his faithfulness on the job. Escobar spoke to Love News about his award.

Erwin Escobar: “First of all I want to give thanks to the General of the Belize Defense Force and the Commissioner of the Police Department and also to the OC of the K-9 Unit Mr. Brent Hamilton and to all my colleagues in the K-9 Unit because without them it wouldn’t be possible. We work hand in hand you know. It’s  like I do my part and they do their part and without them I couldn’t be receiving this award today. I also want to give thanks to the public that assist us with information and my family for support and my dog as well K-9 Tyler, I want to give thanks to my dog Belgian Malinois.”

Fem Cruz: “Inspector Brent Hamilton spoke to Love News about how they came about in selecting the officer.”

Brent Hamilton: “Well the way how we select is that we try to look at the overall performance of the K-9 Officer. We look at his attendance, the way how he treats and care for his dog, his relationship with his work colleagues, his attitude towards his work and most of all the finds that he finds with his dog, they are a team and 90% of working is the dog itself and 10% came from him which is his intelligence. As a result of that he has claimed victory in becoming the K-9 Police officer of the year with his dog. As  a team they have amounted over 10,000 or more with all different types of illegal firearms that he took off of the street and so he was victorious with the most finds for this year 2018.

This is Brother Fem Cruz Cayo Correspondent reporting for Love FM.

The soldier was given 400 dollars and a gift certificate from Reimers. K9 Taylor was unavailable for comment.