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BDF Secures Grenade for Destruction

Yesterday we told you of an M26 hand grenade found under a house just off Faber’s Road in Belize City.  The find was made by the Gang Suppression Unit who in turn called on the bomb experts at the Belize Defence Force to remove the small bomb from the area.  According to GSU Commander, Inspector Glenn Caliz, the grenade would have been taken in by the military for further assessment.  The American brand explosive is now in the custody of the BDF as explained by BDF Commander, David Jones.


“Its a grenade of American origin, we have it and we will keep it until police decide when we can destroy it. It is definitely a high explosive grenade. It can cause injuries from up to 300 metes. Within 10 meters anybody that would be in that range would have been killed. Something like this would be coming from across the border either from Mexico, Guatemala or coming from Honduras those countries also have those kinds of grenades, we don’t produce them and we don’t buy them so they would have had to have come from outside of Belize. So they are being imported in by criminal elements. It was in very good conditions. They come with two safety pins one of the safety pins had been removed already so it was just a matter of removing the other one. It appears that someone would have probably used it soon. One was detonated around there but that one was a British Grenade, there was one detonated close by there but that was a British one this one was an American one. See a lot of those things had been missing in Honduras or El Salvador so they can buy them much cheaper because there is a lot in the market outside of Belize where you can get your hands on it. The MS 13 they have them.”


“What would be your caution to the law enforcement that are stationed at the borders considering that it is not something that can be obtained in Belize?”


“Well my suggestion to them would be to be extra vigilant in checking vehicles or people coming across the border because these things can be smuggled in vehicles either inside the vehicle our outside and can be tapped onto the bottom of the vehicle or somewhere which is difficult to see but they can be easily concealed because they are small so my advice to them would be to do more detailed checks on vehicles that are coming across the border because they can be smuggled easily under the vehicle which is not normally checked.”

As it relates to the investigation into how the grenade got there and its source, Police Minister, Elodio Aragon says there isn’t much more to add to the discussion just yet.


“I haven’t gotten any update in regards to the grenade. All I know is that it was found and these are some of the operations that are ongoing always because we are there to not only to deal reactively to the situation but to be preventative in what we do and this is where our intelligence comes in, this is where the police department intel groups work on to prevent such incidents so we are always at it working and it’s not an easy task but the police department is doing what it needs to do.”


The hand grenade has a range of impact up to three hundred metres.