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BDF Soldier Dies in Road Traffic Accident

A man lost his life yesterday during a road collision in southern Belize. We join our Senior Correspondent Paul Mahung for the story.

At about 4:30PM yesterday Punta Gorda Police was called out to the scene of a fatal traffic incident where they saw a male person lying on the left hand side of the road leading away from Punta Gorda near Jacintoville about seven miles on the PG San Antonio Road. At the scene police observed a red and black 250 CC Lifan Motorcycle that was extensively damaged. The driver of the motorcycle who was later identified as 33 year old BDF Soldier Hipolito Jamie Cho of Santa Elena Village Toledo. Sho is a soldier of BDF Light Engineer Company and was attached to BDF Second Battalion at Fairweather Camp in this district. At the scene was a white BTL Digi pickup truck driven at the time of the traffic incident by 31 year old Jerry Nicholas of Punta Gorda. Initial information indicates that Nicholas saw the motorcycle coming toward him and partly in the pathway of the vehicle as they were both travelling in opposite directions. He reportedly honk the horn of the vehicle but it appears that the motorcycle did not divert thus ending up in the collision of the motorcycle and pick up truck that was extensively damaged to the front right portion. Nicholas was not injured but Cho who received serious head injuries was rushed to the PG hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.”