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BDF Soldier Graduates from Commissioning Course in the US

Twenty-one-year-old Officer Cadet of the Belize Defense Force Volunteer Battalion Renon Baizar is the newest graduate of an extensive commissioning course in the United States of America. Baizar graduated from the Accelerated Officer Candidate School conducted at Fort McClellan, Alabama, on August eight. Baizar earned a Diploma to be commissioned as an officer of the Belize Defence Force and successfully met all physical, academic, leadership, and tactical requirements. Love News spoke to the Punta Gorda resident about this accomplishment.

Renon Baizar, Officer Cadet of the Belize Defense Force Volunteer Battalion: “The course was an eight week long officer leadership course. It’s part of an ongoing partnership with Louisiana and Belize going now for the past twenty five years. I am the newest of twenty two passed graduates and the course was just to develop myself as a leader in the Belize Defence Force and to be the best officer you can be subsequently. Well the course was excellent, efficient, something that I was kind of reluctant to go on but the good Sergeant the Senior CO on my side kind of goaded me to go on the course and now that I am back I would like to get to know who is in my unit more to help them and to learn from the senior people that are in my unit and to take that down the chain to the more junior ones like myself, to the subordinates to make sure that we function well and to make sure we carry out the tasks and drills we need in order to enable success on a bigger picture in the Belize Defence Force.”

Baizar says that due to the pandemic the course faced more challenges than he was expecting.

Renon Baizar, Officer Cadet of the Belize Defense Force Volunteer Battalion:  “That was a very serious issue. It almost got shut down due to the pandemic. Also came in with the schoolhouse being out of funds at one spell so the food we ate and stuff it was just basically them providing for us. We had to go through all that but they made sure the standard and the quality of the training was still substantial no matter all the impediments that they faced at the time knowing it’s not their fault but they made sure that the training was still worth something and they dragged on the training for as long as they could have in order for the students to meet all graduation requirements and to make sure we graduated successfully and with knowledge learnt that we will not lose any time soon.”

He’s the younger brother of Major Radford Baizar, who died in the horrific air accident involving three other BDF soldiers in February 2020.