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BDF soldiers deployed to the border to bolster patrols

Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) has recently noted an increase in Guatemalan encroachment in the Chiquibul Forest. In fact, last week FCD discovered areas within the Chiquibul that had been surveyed. FCD believes these recent occurrences are as a result of a ‘yes’ vote to the ICJ in Guatemala.  Guatemalans living along the borders told FCD rangers that they were informed that Guatemala had recovered back Belize and for them to own a plot of land they must pay. Most of the evidence so far has been noted in the south of the Chiquibul. The matter was brought up yesterday during the Prime Minister’s press conference. PM Barrow says that the Government is working with its Guatemalan counterpart to address the matter.

Additional BDF soldiers have been deployed to the area in order to bolster patrols.