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BDF Soldiers to Receive Land Says Minister Mira

As the BDF soldiers prepare to be included in the benefits of Social Security, they are also looking forward to being land owners. Minister of State, Oscar Mira told Love News that in the interest of the soldiers’ wellbeing and welfare, the ministry is working on making them land owners, and eventually home owners.

Oscar Mira, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence: “We have already prepared some lands for the Belize Defence Force on the Philip Goldson Highway and we are going to work to ensure that the soldiers are given access to a house lot as well as being part of the housing program that is very soon going to be rolled out here in the country. We are working as well to see how we can give the Belize Coast Guard access to house lots as well and that it’s something we are working with the Ministry of Natural Resources, Lands Department. It is just one of many other things that we are going to ensure the welfare of our soldiers and security forces.”

An additional incentive currently being explored by the Government is a life insurance plan. This insurance plan would not only be enjoyed by the soldiers in the BDF but also by members of the Belize Coast Guard.

Oscar Mira, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence: “At the moment, the Belize Defence Force provides medical services to the Belize Defence Force personnel as well as to some of their families. We do have a hospital in Price Barracks that does that. So that is part of what the BDF does for the soldiers. We are looking at an insurance, yes, that is, we haven’t really been able to come up with the final product as yet but it is something that we are working on at this present time.”

Our newsroom did note from our archives that these plans have been long in the making as it is just over a year ago that Minister Mira gave us an interview on the very same proposals.