BDF solider hit and left for dead

BDF solider hit and left for dead

A Belize Defence Force soldier died last night after being the victim of a hit and run incident. 38-year-old, Hector Cho, was found between miles ten and eleven on the Philip Goldson Highway just after nine o’clock last night. The circumstances leading to his death are still being investigated as Cho was already observed motionless on the highway when a vehicle approached, clipped Cho’s body, dragging him some fifty feet further up the highway. The vehicle continued on its way and did not stop to render aid. Cho was an active member of the force, but was off duty at the time of his death. According to the BDF Acting Chief of Staff, Colonel Jermaine Burns, it is their hope that the driver responsible for Cho’s demise will be identified and brought to justice.
Cho was also a member of the Easy Riders Motorcycle Club Belize.
Lt. Col. Jermaine Burns, Acting Chief of Staff, BDF: “Hector Cho is a senior guy in the BDF he joined about the 5th of October 2003 and was slated to retire around 2026 with a full service. He was posted actually at air wing as one of the chefs. He had 19 years under his belt. The soldier apparently was walking on the highway, we don’t want to assume what he was doing in and around that area but there’s a popular night entertainment club around that area and so we’re assuming he was either walking there or walking away from there and he was hit by a vehicle some time last night or early this morning and we suppose that that caused him to be found a few feet away from where the impact took place and died immediately. I know that the incident was reported to us by a Major that went to the scene from the BDF and police had already gotten out there and canvassed the area and dealt with the investigatory part of it and that’s all the information we have so far. We’ve since contacted the family and had them know about the incident. We also extended our condolences and we’re now in the preparatory phase to lay him to rest. He was a good soldier. This guy doesn’t have any or had any issues in respect to the discipline that is worth noting. He has a series of military courses under his belt. He was a small boat operator, he was signal and communications operator, he was also one of our drivers and again he was a chef as well he was the chief chef over at the air unit. So I knew him well as well. Actually for the memorial for the helicopter pilots and engineers that died we had a small ceremony and he was in attendance and that was the last time I had a conversation with him and he seemed to be doing okay. So it’s an unfortunate incident and yeah it begs the question who did it and why they didn’t stop to render aid and I hope that there is some sort of closure for his family we find out who the culprit or culprits are.”

Reporter: In a case like this is it a military funeral that he’ll get ? 

Lt. Col. Jermaine Burns, Acting Chief of Staff, BDF: “Yes ma’am he’ll definitely get a military funeral. If you are on duty or off duty as long as you’re still enlisted in the forces you get a full military burial with all honors and in this case he’ll definitely get one of those. He was still an active service member.”

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