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BDF Volunteer Clears His Name Following Dismissal of Drug Charges

Drug related charges were dropped against a family of three in Dangriga. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports.


“42 year old Dayton Longsworth is a corporal in the Belize Defense Force as a volunteer here in Dangriga. His home was searched by police on Thursday December 8th and he and his family were subsequently charged for drug trafficking including a 16 year old minor. The case against Longsworth and his family was thrown out yesterday in the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court. Longsworth said that he is very angry for the reason that his daughter’s picture was shown on the media knowing that she was a minor. Love News spoke with his attorney, Richard Bradley and Longsworth himself who would like to clear his name.”


“Yesterday in the Magistrate’s court in Dangriga Magistrate Emerson Banner dismissed a charge against Dayton Longsworth, his wife and his minor child. They were arrested and brought to court sometime around the 8th of December last year and charged with drug trafficking. His daughter is in fact attending school and of course I guess in Dangriga there is not much news so that matter got into the news cycle and photographs of all three accused appeared in the media and firstly Dayton insisted to the police at the time of the search and over and over at the time of the arrest and while he and his family were at the police station that they were making a very serious mistake because the material they found was regular crema tata. The police proceeded to charge father, mother and child for drug trafficking which in a small community like Dangriga their reputation and name would have suffered in particular the child who has been teased at school, who has been told that her father is El Chapo and all kinds of names.”


“Just to recap on what the attorney said, my wife is a Garifuna healer and it also damaged her reputation. Then again bright and early police came to my house again for the same stupidness, they were searching for ammunition and drugs and again I told them that I didn’t know where they were getting their information from because I took that as harassment because they knew that I was working for the Belize Defense Force for a long time and then it’s very unfair and very disrespectful in my view for them to come to my house to search for ammunition and drugs like I am some criminal. I am coming to the media and I am pleading to the commission to talk to his people because they are really trying to embarrass me.”


“So they did put your picture on the news with your minor daughter?”


“They took my picture, my wife and underage little girl and they also put her in the piss house locking her down there. Those are the kind of injustices. We will definitely take action against the police because I know and they know that what they are doing is wrong.”