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BDF’s Hospital renovated at a cost of $268K

Today, the U.S. Embassy held a closing ceremony for the Belize Defence Force Hospital Renovation Project at the Price Barrack in Ladyville.  The project was undertaken four months ago with the collaboration of both the Belize Defence Force’s Light Engineer Company and the United States Marine Core.  At the closing ceremony, Colonel Michael Samarov, Commander Officer of Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF) for Southern Command spoke about the project.

Colonel Michael Samarov

“An opportunity to build something, an opportunity to see something renovated and built and put back into use is particularly wonderful but its particularly wonderful when it’s something like a hospital. Gratifying I think is the word that I used to describe the feeling I have today as I see this facility turned back over to the Belize Defense Force and to the Belizean people. You know a hospital assures a healthy population and this being a dual use facility both civilian and military is particularly important. It supports the readiness of our defense force and coast guard partners in time of peace and in time of crisis and in time of crisis a hospital is a particularly important facility.”

Colonel Steven Ortega, Acting Commander of Belize Defence Force (BDF), told Love News that the renovation project was an idea was considered two years ago and has come to fruition today.

Colonel Steven Ortega

“What happened some two years ago General Jones, Ambassador Moreno and the then Military Liaison Officer Lieutenant Colonel Ramsay had the idea to renovate the hospital and they procured the funds through the US military and four months ago we had 33 marines who came down from what they call the US Special Magtaf and they came down and they did the renovations for the hospital. They did the roof, they did painting, plumbing, electrical, even if you notice the new shutters and the tie down that he was speaking of earlier so they did this complete refitting of the hospital in order to improve what we provide for the soldiers, the families and also the neighboring community.”

Love News also spoke with Colonel Samarov about the hospital at Price Barracks.

Colonel Michael Samarov

“A hospital adds to security, peace and prosperity by way of ensuring the health of the population. In terms of what was done to the hospital it was tremendous.”

 The renovation costs approximately US $268,000.00. The project was made possible by the US Southern Command through the Humanitarian Civic Action Program, which was also responsible for the Beyond the Horizon Project.