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Be a tourist in your own country!

Belize has been attracting many tourists every year to our little jewel. Tourists come to explore our Mayan sites, enjoy our beautiful beaches and snorkel with the sharks. The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) wants more Belizeans to be tourists in our own country and that is why it launched the Belizean Traveller Campaign 2018 at today’s launch, Jocelle Stephen, BTB’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager spoke about the merits of the campaign.

Jocelle Stephen Marketing & Public Relations Manager: Belize my jewel, your jewel, our jewel is a desired place to visit and it’s undoubtedly an attraction. Belize is our backyard and as citizens and residents we are privileged to live where many people desire to vacation. As tourism leaders we understand therefore the value of both international and domestic tourism market. Domestic Tourism is crucial to stabilize the economy and to stabilize the seasonal flows of tourism. It’s important for us to get heads in bed all year round and it’s important for us to facilitate our very own Belizeans experiencing this beautiful jewel. So we recognize the need to channel attention to invest on our time energy and effort and our resources to encourage you to be a Belizean traveller. We want to allow the Belizean traveller to enjoy the scenery and to create breathtaking memories. We want to promote our unique Belizean culture. There is no other culture in the world like the Belizean culture. We want to promote Belize as a world class authentic destination; a curious place destination where we are the envy of the world. We want to offer Belizeans and opportunity for relaxation. We want them to invest in their family and take a well deserved break. We want them to tap into their adventurous side and most of all we want to boost domestic tourism.

Stephen said that through this campaign Belizeans can win a dream vacation. The campaign will be conducted through a television show that will air on Love Television on August eight, fifteen, and twenty two.  The campaign will culminate on August 25th at the BTL Park.