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Beaten and Killed? Israel Chable Found Dead

The family of 47-year-old Israel Chable is asking for the public’s assistance in trying to establish what led to his death. Police have confirmed to Love News that officers responded to a call that led them to the road leading to San Jose Village, Orange Walk District, on Saturday morning. Officers observed Chable lying in the middle of the road. He was taken to the NRH where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Chable had several injuries to the body. CIB Commanding Officer, ASP Alfonso Aban, says that “the injuries received do not appear to be that of road traffic accident.”

ASP, Alfonso Aban, Head of Criminal Investigations Branch: “It’s on Saturday the 6th of August at 5:30 a.m. Orange Walk police was called of a male person seen on the median of the road in San Jose Village where they saw one, Israel Chable, who received several injuries to the body. He was transported to the Orange Walk Hospital where he was pronounced Dead on Arrival. So far the police are still investigating and the injury he received did not appear to be that of a road traffic accident.’

Reporter: “Okay. Can you say if it was blunt force trauma, or if he was shot or anything like that?”

ASP, Alfonso Aban, Head of Criminal Investigations Branch: “He had several injuries to the body and the police are still investigating that matter.” 

Chable’s sister Urbelina Escarraga says that her brother was recently fired and had plans to collect monies owed to him. 

Relative of Deceased: “Supposedly it was an accident but due to the injuries that they had on his hand, they had to do an autopsy and depending on that, the police will be telling us about if it was an accident or if there was foul play. Somebody has to kill him or something like that. He told us he will be back soon. He had just come from work and he told us he would be back soon. He will not take long but when I came back to, because I don’t live with them. I am married but I check on them always. Since we don’t have parents, I am the closest one to them. So when I came back at 8:30 to my sister I asked her if he had already came in and she told me no so I gave him two calls and the phone was off. So I said, like he had a supposed girlfriend. Although the lady denied that she had something to do, we have texts and messages on his cell phone that they used to call each other and text each other. So, I suppose he went over there and he didn’t want to be bothered. But when he left he said he was going to collect some money from somebody that owed him, that they fired him and if he doesn’t get that money now he won’t be getting paid because that person is off work. They fired him. So I called him and called him and sent him texts that we are worried, to please answer if he is with the lady to please answer. Well I know he is safe but he never did answer ‘til I got the call 5 something  was going to go out to the man he was going to collect. I was going to his house to ask him if he was there and what time he left or if he was there and if he slept over there the night? But same time I was going out I got the call that to come over to some place because police is over there so I said he was arrested for something and they told him they were not letting anybody pass so I was thinking the worst.”

Reporter: And then, has he gotten in trouble before? 

Relative of Deceased: “Well yes. He had troubles before. We had trouble before, years ago where he, my younger sister and my father were beaten and was threatened to death. This thing was taken to court. We had an attorney and they said even with attorney they were going to lose because I heard these people have strings and everything. So nothing was done concerning that but I don’t know what really you can believe. Well here in San Jose, you know, it’s a dangerous village, maybe even my shadow I can’t even trust. So  don’t know what really really happened.”